Edge Canary 89.0.767.0 crashes on tab group close or ungroup

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When I trying to close tab group or ungroup it from context menu, edge crashes. The same when I trying to close last tab in group with ctrl+w. The only way is to close tab from list by clicking X.




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the proper way of sending feedback and bug reports is through the feedback button on Edge.
press (...) menu => help and feedback => send feedback.

that system sends a lot more useful information and diagnostics that will help fix the issues. you can attach your video file to your feedback too.


I experience the same problem on Canary Version 89.0.771.0, filed feedback, expecting it to resolve soon.

Hey there JPoM, 


Thanks for reporting this! We're not seeing the crash reproducing in Canary or Dev (which just got the 767 update) today, can you check and see if you are still seeing this crash in either space?


If so, can you submit feedback via edge://crashes instead of the regular feedback channel and let me know you've done so? That'll give us some more information to work with. 


Thanks =)


Hi, thanks for the info,

so when Edge crashes and a log of that is created in edge://crashes/, and the report is uploaded automatically, there is another step user can take to be more helpful? by pressing submit feedback button on each of those crash reports and explain what we were doing that it happened?

@HotCakeX You've got it, just the context of what you were doing =) 

Very well, thank you :)

@JustPieceOfMeat I saw the same thing through Version 89.0.773.0.  The Version 89.0.774.0 build I got today *appears* to have resolved it.


Edit: 1/24 - spoke too soon... build 774 still crashes, specifically when closing or moving the last remaining tab in a tab group.