Edge Canary 111.0.1633.0 Unwanted "Discover" hover menu


A purple and orange hover menu started appearing to the right of the ellipsis in a recent build.    It displays the unwanted sidebar and pops out a big "discover" blob of junk that takes quite awhile to load and unload.  First few builds actually caused browser crash.  I'm unable to find any method of disabling it.  Where is the setting to permanently remove this completely undesired feature?




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Edge Canaary 1633 cannot paste a graphic into an Outlook email (Outlook on the web) on MacOS.
Give me the ability to disable this GARBAGE discover feature and remove the icon from the toolbar. You've placed the discover icon in the right-most position, exactly where the menu button has always been. Now whenever I try to get to the menu, not only does discover come up, but it also enables itself to across all tabs. We aren't all home users. Some of us use Edge for real work and this is a total waste of time and poor design.
I'm sure this won't make you happy but the Discover button does not show on the Mac version of Edge (Canary).
I hope "give it time" isn't a valid statement.

I have no issue with creating new features. I have an issue where it's forced onto users in the most obnoxious way possible without the ability to disable it. The "browser crash on hover" was just icing on the "hate this feature" cake.
Same here. I’ve been a windows and edge insider for as long as the programs existed and this my first comment beyond giving general feedback. Now picture me on Win 11 with flyovers on the left and right sides of the screen that basically do the same thing. Luckily I can disable the hover function for Win11. This is a disjointed effort. I doubt the auto-reenable was intentional for the edge dev discover button, at least I hope so.
I agree. Unfortunately, it is still there in the latest Microsoft Edge Dev Version 111.0.1633.0 (released but no information posted yet on the changes).
Lastest dev update moved the Discover button back to the sidebar. Thanks Edge Team!
I'm on 111.0.1641.0 and I still have the purple button of doom.

@Jason Baginski 111.0.1633.0 here without the button.




Isn't Anger/B testing fun?

111.0.1644.0 still lacks the ability to remove this button.