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The new form controls are looking great, the only bad thing about it is the black border around the edges, now in Chromium this can be fixed by turning it off in the flags or going into an extension and styling it away.


Right now I can't use edge with these disgusting black borders around form inputs, is there a way of turning these new "Form control" absolutely puke-inducing black borders? It has ruined all UX designs of all websites I've been to.

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@JustKato Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to our Insider community. That black border is actually an intentional, and important, feature rather than a bug! As one of our program managers wrote here:


"With regards to the black bar on focusable elements this change is by design and was tested with end users. From an aesthetics perspective the change was roughly a 50/50 split for/against but it was more preferred by users that have a need for higher contrast colors. Because of our focus on accessibility we decided that it broke the tie. We go over this change in our blog post about the updated form controls. This change has landed in Chromium itself and will be visible in Chrome started in version 83. And Firefox is also considering aligning with our adjustment too due to the accessibility benefits."


It's important for us to make the web accessible for everyone. Since we know there will always be a variety of UI/UX aesthetic preferences, we chose to align with a Microsoft value and side with increasing accessibility. 


Hopefully this adds some helpful context to the feature, and please let us know if you have any further feedback.


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@Deleted Actually, it's quite easy to cater for accessibility and keep usual borders etc. for the majority of users. Add an easily accessible switch (button, symbol ...) that switches all of Edge in and out of an accessibility mode. Et voila, you have the best for everyone as he/she chooses.

@Kai Schätzl That's a fair point as well; we often opt for giving  I am unsure if adding an option to toggle that UI on/off is being considered, so it would be great if you can submit feedback through the browser (Shift+Alt+I, or "..." menu>"Help and Feedback">"Send feedback.") Out of curiosity, where do you think the ideal location would be for such a switch? If it was in the Settings menu, most users might have challenges with finding it.


Fawkes (they/them)
Program Manager & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge


Wow, that is embarrassing... Why enable accessibility options by default? This completely ruins any UX Design of any website, it looks truly horrible and disgusting, even made me switch away from edge and back to Firefox.


Why not make it an option in the settings? I don't see color blind accessibility options enabled by default, I don't see default font-sizes of 1000% for accessibility, why THIS? Why not one of the other 100000000 things that you guys could have changed?


Truly disgusting and embarrassing from the chromium project. I'll just recommend to my clients to switch to Firefox in the meanwhile, this is repulsive. I am getting 100s of tickets every day because you guys made this change, funny part? Can't even turn it off in the new edge, works in chromium, but people actually started using edge only to instantly abandon it because of this... Kind of ironic.