Edge Browser v91.0.864.37 Doesn’t Open Startup Pages

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Was using my PC (which is running 21H1 of Windows 10) today and found that my set of about 6 tabs set to open at startup did NOT open.  Checked my profile and the pages are still there and listed correctly,  appears they are just not being processed and on startup you just get the new tab screen.  Edge version is v91.0.864.37.


I have a second PC which is still running 20H2 and Edge v90.0.818.66.  Tested Edge on that (with the same startup pages) and it worked fine - all startup pages appeared as expected.  Suspecting an update problem I opened Settings and it displayed the version number which was v90.0.818.66.  However doing so triggered an Edge update which after restarting was updated to v91.0.864.37.  Opening Edge with this version of Edge the startup pages were NOT displayed.


So it seems pretty clear that the latest Edge update version v91.0.864.37. does not process the startup pages in your profile.



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@BobRJP There are a LOT of users reporting this same issue for the v91 stable, especially on Reddit.


As a workaround for now, go to edge://settings/searchEngines in the Address Bar, click the "..." after the Bing entry and choose "Make default".  Then close all Edge windows.  You should find now all your startup tabs open again as expected.


Alternatively, if you don't wish to change your search-provider to Bing, your only-other workaround for now would be to add all of those sites into one folder on the Favourites Bar, which you can then middle-click (or right-click, then choose "Open all") to load them instead

@BobRJP  As @dftf-wip noted, the 21H1 Windows 10 update appears to have screwed up Startup tabs when paired with the newest Stable version of Edge (Version 91.0.864.37).  In addition to the message boards, Bleeping Computer ran an article on it today, with others soon to follow, I suspect. 


The bug is happening on all of my Windows 10 computers running 21H1 in combination with Edge Version 91.0.864.37, and showed up immediately after I upgraded.  The bug is not happening on my husband's two computers running 20H2 in combination with Edge Version 91.0.864.37.  The bug is also not happening on my Linux computers running Edge Version 91.0.864.37, so the bug seems to be 21H1 specific.


I imagine that Microsoft will put out a bug patch relatively soon.  I wish Microsoft would test updates more thoroughly before foisting them on users. I guess our only consolation is that the Startup bug isn't nearly as show-stopping as Google's recent screw up with a Chrome update that borked Chrome entirely on Windows 10 and Linux computers.

I don't know for sure it's only an issue on 21H1... on Reddit, there are quite a few users reporting issues on 20H2 (though I've not seen any so-far for 2004 or older, and no reports at-all from Windows 8.1 or 7 users either).

@BobRJPI too have a similar issue, but it's just that I have set my 'On StartUp' functionality to New Tab page, but I seem to always get the tabs I left open the last time, i.e. Start-off where you left. Also, this happened after I updated to 21H1