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Good day all,

My PC updated to Windows 10 2004 a few days ago and since then I have this annoying popup/overlay whenever I open a new tab, I tried everything but it just keep coming back.  If you click accept then the overlay goes away, and you have access to the shortcut icons, and all the consecutive tab openings is clear without the overlay, but when browser is closed and re-opened the overlay is back.  Also if you click on manage preferences on this overlay screen and remove or add any of the partners, it does not store it, next time on opening edge, they are all ticked again.

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I don't know if you've tried this already, but if you haven't, go to:


and make sure none of them are turned on.
also go here:


and make sure the list for "Block" and "Clear on Exit" is empty.
if they didn't fix it, try resetting Edge settings from here:


you can also try temporarily disable all your extensions, in case one of them is causing conflict:





thank you for the fast response and suggestions, the first one "clearbrowsingdataonclose" did the trick.  

Good to hear, you're welcome :)