Edge browser suddenly jumps around

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My computer just got an unwanted update last night.  The computer was hanging this morning and I had to force a restart.  Eventually everything finished up and the computer seemed to be working OK.  When I opened the Edge browser (I use a mix of 4 or 5 different browsers for my work) it showed a page that it had been updated.  But now when I try to finger scroll through a webpage, the page jumps around wildly.  A small swipe that should move me down less than a page view jumps to near the bottom of a long page.


It is virtually unusable in it's current state.  Which sucks because I have it set to be the browser in which I do some work tracking (in 7 or 8 different tabs/systems).  I may have to transfer that to another browser and give up entirely on Edge unless a fix is released.  


And BTW, I am entering this topic in Chrome because I couldn't get Edge to let me sign in.  The signin would take me to a second screen to choose the account (my MS account is linked to two sub-accounts). Choosing the account I want takes me back to the signin screen.  It just goes back and forth not letting me into the account.  This is probably unrelated, but I thought I'd mention it because it started with this update.


Finally, I HATE Microsoft's forced updates.  It will often update in the middle of the week when I have files open (usually lots of Excel files).  I then have to spend an hour or so figuring out what are the correct and most up-to-date files or versions.  I haven't lost any data this way lately but still...why can't I choose a convenient time to update/upgrade?  I HAVE set the system to only update at night when I'm not working, but I want to tell it to only update when I restart.


OK, rant off.  Nonetheless, Edge appears to be broken today and I am pretty sure I'll have to abandon it.

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