Edge Browser (new) - Dragging an image creates shortcut

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I'm used to being able to drag an image from a website to my desktop (or open folder) to save it there directly. Lately I've noticed that doing this now creates a shortcut instead of saving the image. Is there a setting to change this?

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Which Edge version/channel are you using?

When I try it on Edge stable version 86, drag and dropping images to desktop saves the image file.
but when i try it on Edge dev, I get a link instead.



Version 87.0.658.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit)

Same here (really annoying!)


Version 87.0.664.8 (Official build) dev (64-bit) 


Windows 10 Pro Insider 2004  

Build 20236.1005

Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.26804.0.0

@MrTemp1680 Was same here! But It Fixed.  88.0.673.0.


Some front pages still don't support 'Image drag download' but, click it in and drag more large specific image, then I can drag download. 


Maybe It could be completely fixed.


c.f. Chrome is free to Image drag download. If you have trouble then I suggest use chrome, before edge fixed.

@hoony0203 @MrTemp1680 

it's fixed in Edge Dev Version 88.0.673.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit)


I just tried it.

if it's still having issue for you, use the feedback button to report it.

in the meantime you can always use the Stable verson of Edge that doesn't have these temporary problems.



I've test this on stable ver also. It's same (-;

Which website you are trying? show me so i can try too

Since version 88.0.705.81, Drag&Drop to desktop stop working in Edge as before.

Now, it download a .url file instead the document.

Very annoying since they already loose the "Open in Explorer" function in SharePoint and used this functionality to move document from one library to another library.

Please update to the latest version.
right now it's 89.