Edge Browser Incognito issue

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Sometimes, when the videos are opened in Incognito mode, they are appearing on the right bottom of Windows Lock Screen. This doesn't meet the Incognito definition.


Please check.

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I think it's normal behavior. lock screen only shows the media that is being played in the background, it doesn't mess with InPrivate mode's data at all. your data is still flushed and cleared once you close the InPrivate window (Incognito is the term used in chrome)

@srikanb Thanks for raising this concern. Our team tried repro-ing this, but wasn't able to (although it might have been due to our particular devices and/or settings.) To confirm, do you encounter this behavior on any other Chromium-based browsers? And in a dream state, how would you want the InPrivate media player to behave?


Fawkes (they/them)
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Below is the demonstration of the issue in an unlisted video, 


I observe the same with google chrome too. So, it's as per design.


But what I think is, when the screen is locked anything running in Incognito mode should not be visible outside to it. It's safe that way.


Maybe you could give a better feature like, whenever the screen is unlocked, and any existing sessions of Incognito mode can ask for a separate password to continue. 


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