Edge browser 100% CPU, requires Force Quit (macOS Mojave and v91.0.864.48)

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I'm reporting a problem I've experienced with Edge since I began using it six months ago. After using Edge for a few hours, it will begin using 100% CPU. According to the Task Manager, it is the "Browser" thread that is using this CPU. If I Quit the application, all the windows close but it doesn't fully quit; I have to do command-option-esc to open the Force Quit window (where it says "Microsoft Edge (not responding)" and then I'm able to Force Quit it. When I relaunch it and re-open the web pages I was using, it works fine (until later that day or the next day, when the process repeats). 


Does anyone know how I can troubleshoot this so I can file a useful bug report?

This has happened many times over the past 6 months, over many different Edge versions (I'm always using the latest stable version). I'm not able to reproduce the issue when I want, but it happens regularly every or every-other day. 


I'm using macOS Mojave 10.14.6 on a 2015 MacBook Pro.

Edit: It just happened again, so I took some screenshots and attached them below.

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Same here. Actually I have switched back to Chrome for a month now.

Tagging @johnjansen, to please further look into this issue.

@quinncom same here. If someone from the Edge team is interested I used 'sample' in Activity monitor and captured a 3s sample of the process before I killed it. I keep waking up in the morning with fans on high speed. Switching away from Edge Dev to save my microchips :).

I'm also getting the same issue with my 2017 13-inch MacBook Pro, running BigSur 11.4. I also have a 3s sample from Activity Monitor, if anyone from MS is interested.

Update: I have upgraded to a 2021 MacBook Pro 14" running macOS 12.1 and Edge 96.0.1054.62. It is a new computer with a clean-install OS, nothing copied from my old computer. I'm having exactly the same problem as before. Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/YMs0sFz.png

(I'm the OP, my my username is different because when I signed in this time it asked me to link to the Microsoft Tech Community and choose a username and it said "quinncom" was not available, even though that is the username I use to sign in with Microsoft. Grr.)
I have 2021 MacBook Pro 14" running 97.0.1072.69 (ARM64 build) and also have this issue. I can close all windows (Edge process still running) and it takes 100% cpu. Force-Quit will fully close app and resolve the issue. Really annoying as it drains battery and reduces overall battery life by 20%. I have to routinely close all my edge windows to make sure i'm not draining things unecessarily.

I wrote a script to detect when Microsoft Edge gets stuck at 100% CPU. It displays a notification if Edge is using more than 90% CPU continuously for more than 10 minutes. Details and instructions in the script comments:



CC: @welsonsun  @TheShaunSaw  @mikedice417  @ThomasNgo  @trooters  @johnjansen 

I have started seeing the same issue.
I have used Edge since it was released, and only recently have I noticed it running at 100%.
I hope it will be fixed soon

Since my previous post, I have switched to a 14 inch M1 Pro MBP, with latest native version Edge, sometimes the problem still occurs. More often after idling for a night than normal usage during daytime.


Anyway, it should help if people can click "..." on the up-right corner -> "Help and Feedback" -> "Send Feeback".

@welsonsun Thank you for the reminder.  I'll start submitting the feedack when i see this.  If others submit as well perhaps it will build up enough feedback/diagnostic data for Microsoft to investigate. 

When i submit feedback, it does give me the option to include attachments.  I will open Activity Monitor and take a process sample and include that, and submit regularly.  


Others, please do the same!

I have the exact same issue. System: macOS Monterey. Chip: Apple M1 Pro. Device: MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021).
I also have the same issue. In fact it has been going on since I started using Edge, but seems to come and go. I recently moved from Dev to Beta to try to avoid it, but even Beta has the same problem. Indeed, it is happening right now so I will be restarting the browser yet again (3 times this week so far). Previously I was on MacBook Air 2014 with Big Sur, now on 14" M1 MacBook Pro on Monterey. Latest version of Beta is installed (updates automatic).
Update since my last post:
1. This happens more and more frequently since the latest update. Sometimes after browsing for a while (YouTube, Yahoo), sometimes after one night (closed all tabs previous night), very annoying. Another thing that might help the Edge team is double click the Edge process in activity monitor, and click "sample", save to some file and attach it when reporting.

2. For me, I have switch to ungoogled-chromium. Just "brew install --cask eloston-chromium" will do.
What I do not understand is why the Edge task manager is not able to identify the specific tab or process responsible for the leak/spike. I will try to get a capture (running safari today), but when I had to kill edge yesterday, the process identified as "browser" was the highest CPU/Memory usage; none of the other tabs, add-ins or internal processes (pre-rendering, network service, storage, etc) even added up to the total indicated in the Edge task manager.
Usually, I find that closing tabs has no impact right until the last tab. On one occasion about a month back, the CPU decreased gradually with each tab closure, but the Edge task manager still showed only Browser. It's possible driven by some issue affecting the browser code managing tabs, rather than the usage of any individual tab. Most of my open tabs are sleeping anyway as I have quite a few open for convenience.
I've continued to submit feedback reports to Microsoft along with spin dumps and sample dumps. I am narrowing this down... after i close all the browser windows i fire up Browser Task Manager to look at the remaining Edge Tasks running. I have a browser task at 100% CPU, and i start killing off the other tasks until the Browser CPU drops. I'm seeing a pattern where i have multiple "Utility:Collections Entities Service" workers and one of them, after being killed, will allow the Browser Task CPU to drop down to 0. Seems like a bug somewhere in the Collections Entities Service, but of course, i'm not truly debugging this thing just narrowing down the scenarios.
Same issue here.
MacBook Pro 14"
MacOS 12.2

@BrianCHLiu @welsonsun @quinncom @jkristia  I updated browser to version 99.0.1150.52 and i also hid my collection button in the toolbar (Appearance settings, Collections Button DISABLE, see screenshot below).   That seems to have fixed this issue.  I've been running for about 5 days and have not run into the 100% cpu issue again.  Battery life has been fantastic. 





Thank you, I'll report back with my results.