EDGE Broswer causing GPU Issues

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Ive recently ran into a problem with EDGE. It sucks because I actually enjoy the browser over all the other ones.

If the front page has any video, this causes a visual glitch on the page, then causes my GPU driver or something to "Crash" causing my screens to go off then back on. 

I don't have any other issues with games, programs, other browsers "chrome i tested on no issues"

Here is a video of it in action.

(264) 23C1551D B5A0 4119 8B4F 6B975CC34216 - YouTube



if it matters here are my specs that matter for this issue
Everything is less than 8 months old and under warranty, rarely used for anything other than LIGHT

AMD 5950
Asus dark hero viii x570
powercolor 6900xt ultimate

if it really matters
samsung 980 pro "1tb"



well sadly this issue just popped up elsewhere on Windows. The update menu gave me the option to download and install windows 11, the  blue update img or "gif" started to flicker as it did in this video.
So it seems my GPU maybe taking a crap after 8 months of little use.

truly sorry i thought it was only happening in EDGE :\

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