Edge Beta install, runs once correctly, then get a blank screen on startup and crash

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I was used to use Edge Beta (including with 2 different profiles), but since a few weeks, when I start it I get a blank page (full screen) and a crash (no dialog, nothing).

I tried uninstalling, reinstalling several times, after reinstall the first start is ok, but any subsequent start crashes.

Is anybody else experiencing this?

Is there any way to try and get detailed information on what is going on?

Thanks very much.

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Hi there,
please try the suggestions explained in here and see if any of them fix your issue:


Temporarily disable the new protection



You can temporarily launch the browser without this sandbox feature to verify that it’s the source of the crashes.

  1. Close all browser instances (verify that there are no hidden msedge.exe processes using Task Manager)
  2. Use Windows+R to launch the browser with the command line override:
msedge.exe --disable-features=RendererCodeIntegrity

Ensure that the tab processes work properly when code integrity checks are disabled.

If so, you’ve proven that code integrity checks are causing the crashes.

Hunt down the culprit



Visit Edge://conflicts#R to show the list of modules loaded by the client. Look for any files that are not Signed By Microsoft.

If you see any, they are suspects. (There will likely be a few listed as “Shell Extension”s; e.g. 7-Zip.dll, that do not cause this problem)– check for an R in the Process types column to find modules loading in the Renderers.

You should install any available updates for any of your suspects to see if doing so fixes the problem.


Also, are you able to access the Settings page in Edge insider Beta or does it crash/hang when doing so?


@HotCakeXthanks very much for your reply.

I have the same issue when using msedge.exe --disable-features=RendererCodeIntegrity

Same issue whether I start it as Admin or not.

I cannot go to any Edge:// url as the browser fully crashes at startup :(

Is there anything else I could look for?

Thank you


You're welcome,
Sorry I can't think of anything else at the moment, could you use Edge insider Dev or Canary instead?

@HotCakeXsame with Canary and Dev versions :(

First launch after install is ok, but then any other launch after that shows a full white screen for a few seconds and then fully closes.

Just saw it was the case as well when using Chrome, but after a few tries Chrome launches again. So might be chromium related and/or a setup on my machine.