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Hi, I have Edge Beta on 2 machines and have set up History Sync across them. On each machine, when going in to History & selecting "Tabs from other devices" I can only see one item synced (on the other machine), the default browser tab which is set to Bing. So, despite numerous site visits on one machine, if I go to the other machine to look for a website I looked at earlier (on the other machine) I get no history other than the Bing tab.


Both machines on the same profile, both set up in "settings" in the same way. Both machines on current OS.


Anyone any suggestions on a fix please or is there a known issue. Apparently now rolling out to the stable version yet for me, right now, doesn't work in Beta.

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Why do you go to tabs from other devices?
just go to "All"
that's where the history is shown. tabs from other devices should only show "open" tabs. no history is shown there.

@HotCakeX - Read an article that seemed to suggest the "other devices tab" was where the history would appear but have jumped to "All" & yep, spot on, all there. Many thanks :)

@Allan Clarke 

You're welcome ;)