Edge Beta / Dev / Canary not starting

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As of this morning Edge Beta stopped working: if I double click on the icon nothing happens.

I tried intalling Dev and Canary but the same thing happens.

Only the stable edition keeps working.

I'm running Windows 10 20H2.

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@Strubi99 Same with me. When Can/Dev/Beta reached version 105.0.1343 it stopped working. Running Windows 11 21H2.

@bjmelchersmisery loves company

I hope they'll get the problem sorted out before makin 105 stable!

I have the same problem with edge beta.

Hi @Strubi99 

had the same problem with Canary build 105.0.1335.0, maybe the bug somehow made it into your Beta. 

So just to check, please try to start your Edge Beta with this command line switch: 


To do this, open a command prompt and navigate to your msedge.exe:

cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge Beta\Application"

- Then run the following command:

msedge.exe --disable-features=msShorelineNotifications,msShorelineSnoozeNotifications


Does this start your Beta now?



Unfortunately I am away for the weekend. I will let you know as soon as I get home.
No joy.
I tried doing as you suggested but I keep experiencing the same issue.
I am also facing the exact same issue after the version 105.0.1343 in Dev first. And then when the same version reached into Beta, beta as well stopped launching. Hope Microsoft recognize the issue before stable otherwise all edge will be stopped working at least for me.
I tried it but no luck. It didn't start. If anyone get it resolved please let us know.

@kashyap1709 This has been happening, first on Canary, now Beta doesn't work at all. I'm totally screwed.

I have downgraded to 105.0.1300 dev version and won't update anymore. :frowning_face:
We'd like to get some info from anybody running into this, so if you are, can you please use the Windows Feedback Hub to file feedback?
I had the same problem with canary some weeks ago !
Also, the most recent Dev and Beta updates have a fix for one potential cause of this. If anybody is still running into this issue, can you check in Control Panel and see what version number you have?
Same problem here, 106 and 105 versions doesn't work. Win11 Pro 21H2

@josh_bodner I installed latest beta and still it is not launching. The beta version is 105.0.1343.17.


The issue is still there.

@josh_bodner Just updated Dev to 106.0.1356.0, and it still wont launch. Beta is at 104.0.1293.70 and doesn't work either. The only way I could recover was copying my whole AppData user folder to native edge which is still on 104. Hope that won't change soon.

@rdwing2 Beta should be at version 105, so you may want to re-download the installer.  Otherwise though, it looks like most of you are hitting a different issue, which is what I wanted to find out.  One last thing:  do any of you have crash dumps in Edge's App Data that correspond to trying to open the browser?  They would be in 

%localappdata%\Microsoft\Edge Beta <or Edge Dev>\User Data\Crashpad\reports

I won't be surprised if you don't though.  

@josh_bodner I'll check on Beta and reinstall. I do have crash dumps and just sent them to you in a PM. Hope it helps.
They very much have! All of the dumps seem to be crashing when trying to read a particular registry key. Can you (and anybody else with this issue) try deleting the MetricsReportingEnabled DWORD under


and see if that fixes it?
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I scanned the registry for 'MetricsReportingEnabled'. It appeared on my PC under Edge two times.
1. [Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\]
2. [Computer\HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-3783096567-2060243791-1526209860-
Deleted both and now I'm happy again.

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