Edge Beta black out

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On a new Surface 6 Pro.

Edge Beta quite regularly goes black, the whole application. I can three finger swipe to see the desktop apps running, Edge Dev shows black, no other app exhibits this behavior. I can start/stop all other apps and browsers without issue.
sometimes it will come back, but mostly not and i have to close the window.

When I close Edge Dev, sometimes it flashes on the display as it is closing, other times not


On a completely unrelated issue - my work disallows the dev version but allows the beta version - I got the new beta version last week and now that is blocked - discussed with our client gpo guru, they haven't changed anything in that policy.  Possible the dev signature got pushed to the beta channel? 

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The way I found to fix it when it happens, is to open a new instance of edge without closing the previous one, as that seems to restart the GPU process and then the previous instance is visible again.

Here's a solution to the problem :