Edge Beta - missing favicon in popup windows or in taskbar in Windows


So, My beta version got update to and I have noticed few issues.


One of the issues is, its missing favicon now in any popup Window or in taskbar. See the pictures attached.


It was working before this update and I have confirmed opening same webpage in Google Chrome and it works fine there too.

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Are you talking about the websites you pinned to your taskbar as a PWA?



No, I am not talking about PWA. I am talking about any website that is configured to open contents in popup Window, it should display favicon in the popup Window title bar and also in taskbar. Please check the pictures attached and you will get idea.

I checked them, well the one regarding the actual favicon which appears on the top bar, it could be a bug but i'm pretty sure websites' favicons never appear on my taskbar and never replace the Edge insider's default icon, Unless I pin that website as an app (PWA) to my taskbar or start menu.



As I have mentioned, it should work, it used to work and currently it is working if I use Google Chrome. So that is also a bug with this release.

Could you provide an example website where that happens?
I've never seen a website before changing my browser's icon on my computer without my permission. that sounds like a security vulnerability.



No its not security vulnerability as the favicon is supposed to work that way.


Try this link in Google Chrome and Edge C both.



Click on the link and it will open browser window, the favicon should be displayed in the titlebar and in the taskbar of Windows. It is working fine now with Google Chrome Version 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit) on my machine. And it used to work with Edge C Beta Version 77 until I got update to Version 78, it got broke.



So I tested it.

the Red circle is definitely a problem (popup windows don't correctly get the website's favicon)


the pink circles could be also a problem (user might expect to see the website's favicon in those places too but that neither works for popups nor for normal website tabs)


the green circle is definitely Not a problem. websites only have permission to change it if they are added as an app (PWA), other than that, it would be a security issue because they are accessing browser files on your computer.



InkedAnnotation 2019-09-30 074928_LI.jpg




If I may remind again, it used to work with Edge C version 77 as well like below test in Google Chrome.

It is expected and it should work.


Icon Issue.jpg

Okay but that doesn't mean it's a bug in version 79. it's the new way now and popups no longer change the browser icon unless they are used as a PWA.
from version 78 moving forward, that behavior is changed. in both Google chrome 78, 79, 80...etc and Edge insider 78, 79, 80...etc