Edge Beta 121.0.2277.4 in MacOS - Cut/Copy/Paste in MacOS Spotlight Search Tool doesn't work

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Cut/Copy/Paste in my MacOS Spotlight Search Tool started behaving strange, I tried restarting the Mac/updating latest OS updates everything couldn't find what was the issue. 


Later I realised it worked perfectly fine when the Microsoft Edge Browser (Beta) is not open!

If Microsoft Edge Browser (Beta) is opened, and when I press 

  • Cmd + Space to open spotlight search tool in MacOS
  • then try to press Cmd + V (to paste something which I have already copied on clipboard)
    • though my cursor is on the spotlight search tool, the text gets pasted on Microsoft Edge Browser. This is strange, because for a very long time I thought my spotlight search tool is stuck!

I actually have Microsoft Edge Dev, Beta & Stable all three versions on my machine. The issue exists in both Dev and Beta build but doesn't happen in Stable build.


Microsoft Edge Beta 121.0.2277.4

Microsoft Edge Dev 121.0.2277.4

Microsoft Edge Stable 120.0.2210.91

MacOS 13.6.3


Please fix this issue before it gets into the stable build. Thank you.

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