Edge beta 119.0.2151.32 autocomplete redacted in red???

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Just received the beta release 119.0.2151.32 which seems to fix the bug I mentioned in https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/discussions/unable-to-perform-any-actions-when-copilot-tab-is... but this...



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I'm on the same version with the exact same problem. Anytime I click on the address bar when there's text in it the whole thing turns into a giant red bar for no reason.
Same, the highlight color in the address bar is red, and it is impossible to read the text that is highlighted.
Same thing for me. I am relieved to discover it wasn't something I did. Very annoying. I hope they fix it soon.
Same thing for me. I thought I messed something up about my theming in my OS or in the browser itself.
Same version Version 119.0.2151.32 (Official build) stable app, beta channel (64-bit) and same issue. Any text highlighted in the address bar of the browser looks redacted in red precisely like the example given by cyugao

Same thing happening to me once updated to this version.

@cyugao same. can't see the letters that i'm typing and it makes me feel like I've typed incorrectly or that it's a prohibited website.

Feedback team said that this issue/bug is already fixed in the upcoming update of MS Edge.
Fixed after updating to 119.0.2151.38.
Hard to imagine how the code review process went in this case.