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Hello Edge Team!


I have a feature request around the option the "Apps" feature available in edge, when you can create a dedicated window for a particular site and it appears as a desktop application.

I would like the ability to create "isolated" windows, specifically 2 windows of the same app that do not share cookies/state.

Use-Case: I have a personal outlook account, and a work outlook account. I would like to be able to be logged into both simultaneously by creating a new window of my Edge App for Outlook.


Another example where this is useful is the AWS Console. This particular site doesn't allow you to be logged into multiple AWS accounts at the same time (the vast majority of large enterprise customers have multiple account). I would like to be able to be logged into multiple AWS accounts simultaneously to enable me to investigate issues between cross-account resources.


Currently the only way to do what I'm describing with those two examples is to open an InPrivate Window.

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@wez18 thanks so much for the suggestion. 


I wonder if you have tried using Edge's profiles for this scenario. If you log in as one profile and install the App, then log in as a different profile and install the App, you will get two apps and can launch them leveraging each profile. If I'm reading correctly, I think that would satisfy what you are looking to do. 


The user experience is a little confusing at present because it's impossible to tell which profile you are launching, but we are doing work to make that better in the coming months.