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Where I do enjoy alot of the features of Edge. One has puzzled me.


I do enjoy being able to create an App from a website, I also enjoy how it shows up as a legit app, even in Add Remove Programs.


However, I mentally keep the browser and the apps separate in my mind.  Edge however does not.  For me, when I close out the browser, and I have "Continue where I left off" set.  Imagine my disappoint when I open up the browser, and what opens is the web page of the last "App" that I closed.  and my actual browser history is buried further down in the History feed.  Also frustrating, its not remembering the group of tabs that I had open, instead each link's history in listed individually. Some of these links I have not opened in over a week, so they are buried even further.


So for now the lesson is, always close out Edge last, and not an Edge App.


I will troubleshoot this more, because I really want it to work.

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It would appear that I confused Edge with Edge Dev.  Browsing History is still there...

However, Edge App history does show up in Edge History.  Would be nice if I could turn on and off that feature.


@Randy Conrad 

@Randy Conrad 

Thank you for raising this issue, make sure share this issue through feedback option in Microsoft Edge.

Our company is blocking Feedback link via App.



@Randy Conrad
Tagging @Deleted, our community manager in that case because they can help you in sending feedback.

@Randy Conrad 

Are you able to reproduce this on other devices?

You may use another PC outside company (may be your home PC) and in case you manage reproduce this issue, report it through feedback option.

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This is great feedback, @Randy Conrad


We are currently working through a more comprehensive design in this space based on feedback we've gotten (as well as a few bugs we may have shipped). Our principle here is to be deterministic in our approach so that when you say "Continue where I left off..." and have apps running, we will always restore in the same way.


Changes in this area are coming soon.