Edge app for android in Google Play Store "no longer compatible with your device."

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Hiya! I was directed here from the Microsoft Support Community as I was told that there are developers in this community. Here is my issue, any help would be SUPER appreciated. Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it.


The issue I'm having is related to updating the Edge app in the Google Play Store on my android 7 phone. In the Play Store, when I go to update either Edge or Edge Beta the option to update is no longer available and instead in red text it says "This app is no longer compatible with your device. Contact the developers for more info."


I have emailed the developer at the email address provided in the Play Store, I have also submitted feedback several times on both apps, but with no luck, and with no response. I posted my issue in the support community and was directed here. 


I've read online that I should clear the Play Store Cache and app caches and have done so. I've also updated my phone. I haven't uninstalled and reinstalled the apps for fear that I won't be able to reinstall them at all due to the compatibility issue. I understand from reading online that it's probably related to my phone only being android 7 and that in the latest updates to the apps the developer(s) probably set the minSdkVersion to something higher than Android 7. I understand Android 7 is an older version and I've had this issue with other apps but they always clear themselves up, either on their own or with a quick email to the developer.


Fingers crossed someone can help. Thanks so so so much.



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