Edge Android : unsafe browser?

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Frequently, in many Google sites - the latest in the series, e.g. google.com/android/beta - but also other "much less demanding" ones (the latter detail is not secondary), or even just the Google Chrome forum,  trying to access from android with the Edge browser, after entering my username I get a pop-up with a ban:


"Failed to sign in

This browser or app may not be secure - Try using a different browser

If you're using a supported browser, you can try signing in again."


Reading the insight I get:

"Log in with a supported browser

To better protect your account, Google does not allow you to log in from some browsers. Google may block access from browsers that:


 They don't support JavaScript or have it turned off.

 They have added unsafe or unsupported extensions.

 They are controlled by software automation rather than by a physical person.

 They are embedded in another application.


Step 1: Use a supported browser

 JavaScript is supported by the browsers listed below and other browsers:








 Step 2: Enable JavaScript in Chrome

 If you're using a supported browser and still can't sign in, you may need to enable JavaScript".


Edge for Android doesn't have a setting to enable or disable JavaScript.


Of course, subsequent attempts also receive the same warning. Obviously I use the original and updated version of Edge Android and I don't use plugins. Since it's a problem that's been around for some time, I'm assuming it's known and already looked into. Are there any solutions or should I resign myself to using Chrome?


I forgot.... In Settings > Privacy and security > Site settings > JavaScript > Authorization allowed....

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I also had to move to Brave.

Unless I have a problem, and in this case I invite everyone to check, is it possible that such a serious matter will not be discussed?
I'm not asking for tip, for help, I'm reporting a problem accessing Edge for Android to Google sites that require authentication, or alternatively a Google misconduct towards Edge.

Contrary to StLa1, I left Brave for Edge, but if the issue is not resolved, I return to Brave too, but regardless, the problem needs to be fixed....

This forum does not have any members that work at Microsoft, it's only random volunteers. If you want the Edge team to be aware of the issue you must submit a bug report in the app. Hopefully someone reads them.


Exactly, but precisely because it is a user forum (a more or less large group of people) that I raised the issue, taking it for granted that it is a common problem, not a personal one.

If it were just me complaining as advice I wouldn't be taken into consideration, but if there were more than one of us, maybe something could move "up there".

Bye thank you.



If on Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and on Google Pixel 7 Pro both android 13, in Edge > Settings > General > Site display settings, I set Show desktop site as default, access to Google sites that require login and psw is always blocked with reason Insecure browser with request to enable JavaScript (enabled by default). If I set: Show mobile site as default I access Google sites that require login and psw.

Thanks, I actually have a Tab S8+ and using 'Show mobile site' in the Google Login screen worked for me and I can finally login with google in Edge.