Edge/Android New Tab Page pinned tiles.

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Please allow me to choose the 8 pinned quick links on the new tab page for myself as in Edge/chromium instead of automatically showing my most visited sites. Also, these should be synced with Edge/chromium on W10.

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100% agree
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@Jacques Van de Meerssche We appreciate you reaching out and sharing your thoughts. The New Tab Page team knows that having pinned tiles is a desired feature for some users; however, if you'd like to add a "+1" for this, feel free to submit feedback through the browser for them!


Fawkes (they/them)
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Thanks for your quick response@Deleted . Feedback submitted.

@Jacques Van de Meerssche Sure, thing, happy to help. Great, we'll have them keep an eye out!


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

100% agree, I'm also looking forward for extension support on android edge..... and this would made it highly competent to google's chrome.

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I won't use the Edge Browser on Android with the current new tab page.

Yes, yes, yes! This drives me me crazy because sites appear that I haven't visited in weeks. It may be a deal breaker, sending me back to Firefox.
I'm a little disappointed that this still isn't a feature in Edge. I recently started using Firefox more (in tandem with Edge) primarily because of this feature. Firefox lets you have a much larger number of quick links and you can pin them. I know you can "work around this" by using an addon like Toby, but I'd prefer to use the one that's in Edge since the bing backgrounds are cool. I hope you guys can add this in sooner rather than later.
+1 I would LOVE to be able to decide which quick links appear on the new tab page!


@atomway wrote:
+1 I would LOVE to be able to decide which quick links appear on the new tab page!

Try the new Canary or Dev versions, at the same release cadence as on the PC. If you can work out the touch sequence, you can customize the quick links (on Canary, at least: Microsoft Edge Canary – Apps on Google Play)