Edge Android Canary : Summary Bugs

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As for the new Android Canary Edge, lots of bugs:

1) on the tab bar, the icon is chrome!

2) On the tablet, when you search the bar, it disappears, and you don't see what you're writing.

3) Opening some links from other apps doesn't work (black screen or black screen with red rectangle) 4) The "send comments" feature works very randomly, if at all.

5) on tablet, at the bottom of the menu it says "to change the menu use your phone in wore mode" while even if you are already in portrait mode it does not work either ...

6) Big big bugs when connecting to accounts in sites, edge offers us the connection to a professional or school account, (for no reason) and if we refuse, blank page with "the administrator has blocked this site" ...

7)ad block has disappeared and some settings also 8) the activation of flags does not change anything, they do not activate, and besides they are all activatable while they are marked "windows, mac, linux"

9) the titles of tabs on tablet are tiny, illegible 10) rewards no longer works properly

10) in France, some settings are still in English, especially those for developers

11)When the problem "professional and school account" repeats several times, the browser crashes, seems to be reset, because blank page that turns when reopening, then closes. I had to uninstall the browser and reinstall it, and that twice in two days!


If you spotted other bugs , you can add them in response,

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I can't find the Chrome Icon on Edge canary Android, there is no Chrome icon.



Hi Tio_Dep

You can report such issue from inside the Edge Canary Android app: tap the "..." button, scroll the grid upwards to reveal all the icons, then tap the "Send Feedback" one.

If you have a frequent need to send feedback, you may find it helpful to tap the "change menu" option in the bottom-right, and then drag the "Send Feedback" icon to the top-row, then tap "Done". This will make it more-accessible in future

@HotCakeX See the screenshot

Ok so you are strictly talking about Edge on tablet in this topic. because the UI is completely different from mobile phones.
Yes, i know it, but let's see the 5), on tablet i can't do what you are talking about ! But i can do it on phone. I prefer sending feedbacks with the hardware i have problems... :)

hi, hi have rog phone 3, and the canary version don't open any pages.


When open the app, the home page say that "impossible open this page." Can you help me?



Hello, do you have a screenshot please ?

@Tio_Dep Here screenshot. After this page, i can't do any. The problem is all version after 91, dev version, beta version and canary version. The regolar old version stable di edge haven't problem.

Hello, you should uninstall the app, update rog 3 to android 11 (if you haven't yet) and try to reinstall the app by then logging into your microsoft account. And do you currently have the new tab page that appears when you open the app or does it bug right away?
hi. i have updated rog 3 to android 11, and the problem is resolved. thx