Edge Android beta v45.01.24.4920

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1.) Give extension & collection support as desktop version have them, and some of the Android browsers also having extension support ex: kiwi browser, yandex

2.) Sync most visited sites with desktop version.

3.) There's just too much space for Microsoft logo on NTP , when Most visited sites ON and news feed and image of the day is OFF.

4.) Give icons to new tab and others when holding the tab switcher icon in bottom right corner. 5.) Some of the websites in most visited sites do not have icons.
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@hussain5416 Thanks for the feedback! Some follow-up questions for you:


3) What would you prefer to see in that space? Or would you just want the logo resized?

4) If you're comfortable doing so, can you share a screenshot to better illustrate this?

5) Do the websites without icons have them on the desktop version of MS Edge, or are they lacking in both places?


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Thanks for replying, For your follow up questions:
3.) There are many requests on this forum about increasing the no. of tiles on desktop browser (or add a new row, making a complete 16 (8+8) tiles on ntp), So, I would like if they make the no. of tiles same in android version too and sync them with edge desktop.


4.) I think you misunderstood, I'm not uncomfortable with the process, I just want the icons for the bracketed things in place of ticks I've placed.(look at the screenshot), Without icons they just don't look fine.



5.) Yes, the icons(favicon) are present on the desktop version, but not on Android.



Question: Can you share anything about 1.) and 2.) 


Hope this help. Would wait for your reply.

@hussain5416 Thanks for the details! I've passed your feedback and questions on to the Android team, and will let you know if they can provide any answers.


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@hussain5416 I spoke with the head of the Android product team, and here is what they said:


"1. This is unlikely to happen in the short term, since many extensions have a significant impact on battery usage and browser performance, and it would be challenging to enable while maintaining a good user experience.


2. We’re looking into it but currently we’re focused on other sync requests, like history.

3-5. Thanks for the feedback!"

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@Deleted 1.) I was hoping for lil bit more from the team (since kiwi's open source, I thought that could fasten the development), but hey, it's upto the dev team. What I think is developing these 2 features specially extensions is a feature worth spending time on.
I heard that Kiwi is going completely open source. It's massive news.

what I really want to see from MS Edge on Android is this:
People have also been asking for it on other Chromium based browsers such as Vivaldi and Brave. Here's the Vivaldi thread that I found interesting:

and btw I don't think that including close all tabs in the menu when you tap and hold on the tab switcher is a good idea. And the pill/stadium/capsule/circular shaped address bar is a little weird

@hussain5416 @Deleted 


Collections syncing is now available in Edge Android.  At least it is for me.



There ya have it...


@Dennis5mile Rad! Let us know what you think of it.


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Well, so far it is working flawlessly! They have synced in the same exact order I have them here on Canary. Each saved collection opens without a hitch. All links within any of the collections work perfectly. I have "not" run across any problems what so ever. Send a great Job to the Team. Adding items to a collection, creating new collections while adding item to it, deleting a collection all work perfectly. Love this!

Yeah I'm using them too from a while on android. They actually feels much faster than the desktop one. Only problem I encounter is "collections are syncing from android to desktop, but not from desktop to android"
btw, I'm using edge beta on android and edge dev on desktop. (latest versions as of today)