Edge and full screen bug on Mac

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I try to investigate full screen bug on Mac for many days about invisible click wall at top of screen.

Today, I turn off hiding menu bar.


Then when I use Edge in full screen there are strange area at top of screen. It seem that the height is similar to the invisible wall.


And Bing button and Sidebar is disable at full screen mode, too.


I try to use Edge as my main browser but these bug make me stay away. I research and found that many people talk about this bug (full screen and sidebar) for a long time. But no action or clear answer from the team.


I hope the team will see this post and fix these bugs.




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@kunthawat same here when edge is full screen on primary monitor and click on second monitor

I also have the same problem. Please Microsoft, fix this! Thank you
It can be disabled. In the menu bar click on "View">"Always Show Toolbar in Full Screen".
this was so easy, thank you