Edge and Edge Beta Won't Open on Windows 10

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I'm having a lot of problems with Edge.  I therefore tried the Edge Beta with the hopes that my problem would be resolved, but this morning Edge Beta is now giving the same issue.  My colleagues are also having the same issue, also running a similar machine with Windows 10.  There are several problems I'm experiencing.  


1. Edge won't open.  There are no error messages.  It just doesn't appear.  Sometimes I get a quick window flash.  So far I haven't found any patterns, it's very random when this happens.  If I close a working session of Edge, there's about a 10% chance Edge will not open again.  The fix that I've found is to delete the EdgeCore folder.  If I do that, then Edge will open fine.  


2. Edge crashes.  No exact pattern here, but mostly it crashes while using Google Meet.


3. Edge become very slow when opening a page.  For example, open a new tab, go to google.com, I have to wait for about 30s before anything happens.  


My computer setup is very simple, just running Office and Microsoft Visual Studio and IT has McAfee installed.  I'm not running anything that interacts with Edge.  I don't have any browser extensions installed.  99% of my life is in Microsoft software.

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