Edge add more options in the introduction setup screen after install

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After you install Edge the pop up instruction screen only sets up your basic view.
Please add [next] buttons to
1. add favorites from other browsers or html.
2. open the new Edge settings page (... menu) asking user to make changes as required.
3. option to set new Edge as default.

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We do have some FAQ'S/Guides in our browser you can search up by pressing the F1 key

and then type in a keyword of what you looking for.



We can try and make sure to get some more guides added also.


Thanks for the feedback on this,




Thanks for the update. Pressing F1 is not as helpful as just showing some more basic set up items

that is needed to start using the new Edge. You want the customer experience to be simple and

easy to use and pressing F1 is not intuitive to find how to setup a browser.