Edge 93 Stable ''Add Text'' to pdf issue.

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Hello everyone. Just updated to Version 93.0.961.38 (Official build) (32-bit). After adding text to pdf, not being able to edit or delete it. @josh_bodner 

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@sid9-3 YES. I am currently trying to edit text I have added in and it is acting like everything you add is permanent. I also cannot find an "undo" option and ctrl-Z is not working either to remove the text... I'm having to add it exactly correct the first time in the right spot/size or not save and start over. Ridiculous.

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Please try hovering over the text you have added to the document. Once the cursor change to the edit text cursorposinha_0-1631737273857.png, click on the text. This will now show the entire textbox along with the mini menu which will allow you to edit the text you have added or delete it. 


You can also right click over the text you have added and click on the Edit text or Delete text option in the right click menu to edit or Delete text.

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@posinha None of them is working for me unfortunately. I'm on Version 93.0.961.47 (32-bit) now.No option in context menuNo option in context menu

Hi, There was a bug that went in the stable build causing this issue. You should soon get an update with the fix for this. Apologies for the confusion and inconvenience!

You brought clarity, Appreciate it. Bdw, I can't change the font style yet, can I?

Thanks for the feedback! We haven't yet added the ability to change font style to the feature, however, we will add it to our backlog for future product improvements.

Added text with diacritics dissappear entirely if  the letter with diacritic is at the end of the word or only the letter with diacritic vanishes if in the middle of the word (no space left). If I click in that area the text box reappears an the text can be edited.

Microsoft Edge Versiune 96.0.1054.34 (Versiune oficială) (64 de biți)