Edge 87 drop frames on youtube 60fps

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Hello .


Since edge 85 I can't watch a video on youtube in 1080p60fps without dropping about 1% of the video by 5-7 frames from time to time.


My configuration is as follows: Asus zenbook ux434 with a core i7 10510u an hd630 and a nvidia mx 250 .

Everything works correctly on the pc, no overheating, no throttling etc etc etc. .


Impossible for me to watch a video on youtube in 60 fps without having unpleasant slowdowns. The problem appeared since the 85 version of edge but also of chrome.

I test the canary version of edge and the problem is exactly the same.

Can you help me to know where the drop frames come from.

All the drivers are up to date on the laptop . and I'm under windows family with the 2004 update.

Thank you for your answers .

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