Edge 86.0.622.58 On-premises Sync Not Working

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We are running Edge 86.0.622.58 on Win10 Enterprise 1909 domain joined systems.


We are trying to configure the Edge GPO to enable local sync of favorites per https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/microsoft-edge-on-premises-sync but we are unable to get the on-prem sign-in to work and so the local profile.pb is never created.


Our settings are as follows:


BrowserSignin = 1

ConfigureOnPremisesAccountAutoSignIn = 1

RoamingProfileSupportEnabled = 1

SyncDisabled = 0


When we launch Edge with these settings, we get prompted to sign-in.  The only account that seems to work is the "work or school account" which is our O365 email address.  Signing in using this account results in the Edge account type and sync account type as AAD instead of on-prem and the message "sync isn't available for this account"


I believe the cause of the issue is the AD account is not being used to sign in to the browser even though ConfigureOnPremisesAccountAutoSignIn is set to 1.  Doing a whoami at a command prompt shows my account name in domain\username format.


Any input as to what I might be able to try to diagnose/resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated as we need to have the ability to roam our favorites before we can make Edge the default browser in our organization.


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