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So I've been using Edge at my company the last few weeks (v83.0.478.45) on Windows 10. It's been great. But today, I've encountered a weird issue, where it's not connecting to nearly any internal site. It connects to external sites fine. IE/Chrome/Firefox all connect to these sites fine. But Edge will not. 


I've tried clearing history/cache, repairing, reinstalling the browser. But it just won't connect. I don't have access to firewall settings on my machine (admin access, but there's some things even I can't change). 


Is there anything I can check on to get this browser working as it used to? 


Fixed: Weird. I tried all sorts of cache/history clears. Nothing worked. When I signed on to another PC on the domain under my account, I started getting about a hundred "An app has caused an issue, and we've set the default app back to Edge" popups. So that got me thinking. So then I looked in the default apps on windows 10. Came up with nothing. Then I searched that same thing in Edge, and found in the ... menu, then settings, then Reset Settings, the answer. Now all internal sites work again. And I'm back to using just Edge, instead of Chrome for some, IE for others. Very happy. :happyface:

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Are you using any third-party firewall?
You need to check with the IT department, may be the add list of trusted browsers in their Firewall and they didn't add Microsoft Edge?
Does it happens in InPrivate browsing mode too?
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@LaParka I don't have the know how to help, but I would try contacting support here:

I would submit the support for individual.


I hope this helps and your issue is resolved soon!

@LaParka We're glad to hear that it's working! Please let us know (and/or reach out to our support team, as @cjc2112 suggested) if this happens again.


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