Each Installer for EACH seperate Channel of Edge should carry the proper Branding

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There are seperate versions of Edge.


They are called "Channels"


There are, to date, in order of freshness: Canary, Dev, Beta, and "Release".


Each Channel's Installer SHOULD carry the PROPER BRANDING for the Channel it is for.


Who agrees? Why? Why not?


Are there technical reasons that this cannot be acheived? If so, why? If so, this is terrible product identification and bad branding. Opinions?

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what do you mean by "proper Branding" ?


The online installer does have the channels branding in file name, except stable (which don't have brand in the first place)




By branding he was referring to the file name?


I think such a file name is correct. Because such a file name can help us distinguish the version of the Edge installation package (Beta, Dev, Canary or official version); because such a file name can avoid causing trouble to users; because such a file name can help us avoid installing ourselves Unneeded Edge version.

   All in all, I think this is correct.

By "Branding" I meant for the Task Manager or for ex. Ear Trumpet or Volume Controls or Task Bar where the ICON for Edge (insert CHANNEL version name here) doesn't show up any different:

ie "Standard" Edge icon (for Stable/Release) but the version/channel of Edge for that Process or Source in the Audio Sink is say, Canary, or Beta, and FAILS to show the icon with the Channel Tag, which, if that was corrected, would make identifying, managing, and testing various Channels of Edge all at the same time, MUCH much easier. It also seems more User Friendly.