Duplicate Extensions and Abusing Extension report

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It should be prevented to install Duplicate extensions in the Edge browser.

right now it's possible to do it.

I can install ublock origin from Windows store and chrome extension store and have them both activated at the same time because the stores are not working together to identify the installed extensions so they still offer to install it.



also add an option to report abusive extensions.


this is from an extension installed from chrome extension store 


Annotation 2019-09-10 221450.png


this from the Same extension installed from Microsoft extension store


Annotation 2019-09-10 221434.png



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These are good ideas, @HotCakeX.  I will make sure that the team that is working on our Extensions story sees them.  Thanks - Elliot

Wow, that's a very interesting and unique situation, didn't even think about that, mainly because I was more focused of testing out the chrome extensions I favor. @HotCakeX 


I'd add, perhaps an few additional important related feature requests would be for Chrome Extension Store to be able to be selected and "linked to", when using the (Allow extensions from other stores) button.  I fully understand the desire for Microsoft to feature its own extension store, however the selection at this point is quite limited.  Since the feature (which is wonderful) is available to turn on the ability, and while the Microsoft link to the help details is adequate for most novice users, there is a large population that will have trouble completing that tasks, like my parents who were born at the dawn of the telephone era.   They use Microsoft products almost exclusively (they even still use hotmail), but I'm not certain that would be able to get to the Chrome Store Extensions following the help details.


It doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to insert a piece of code that would cause an embedded link to the Chrome Extensions to appear when the feature is turned on.


Additionally, I was wondering why it say's, "Allow extensions from other stores" which implies compatibility with "other stores".  By turning on this feature, is it actually possible to connect to additional browser extension stores, for example Mozilla?

Great suggestion indeed!

I think they say "other stores" because they don't want to directly mention Google or maybe because other chromium-based browsers stores such as Opera, Yandex etc are compatible too :)

I get it, thanks @HotCakeX