Dual Time and Weather widget not syncing

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Hey Team,
Recent updates got some bug fixes in 5.3 and features like multiple time and widget functionality but it is not working as desired. In the attached snap find the locations actually they have 2hrs 30mins difference but it is showing as 3hrs. I tried removing and recreating restarting launcher but it works fine for an hour or so and again sync issue appears back.
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Did you check if the location is enabled for the launcher
I don't guess that permission is needed as coz the home clock is running fine but secondary is having issue that too when I restart the device. So I don't guess that location Permission is something that is the cause for this issue as I used other apps widget in the same launcher without a flaw except the new default widget support. BTW thanks for the suggestion.
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This is a known bug we also found in latest build, and we already have a hot fix which expect to be rolling out to prod soon, stay tuned.
Thanks mate the last night's update see s to be fixed my concern now dual clock widget working fine as intended.
yes, we rolled out a hot fix to Beta last Friday. glad to see it works.