Dropdown list of closed tabs

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In old good IE if you closed some tabs you had an opportunity to reopen one specified tab via droplist of closed tabs. In current Edge there's not such opportunity except just reopening one LAST closed tab which is comletely inconvinient if you need to reopen the tab which you closed 5 tabs ago and you're forced to reopen all these 5 tabs and only then found and reopen that 6th tab. Please give us back that perfect dropdown list of closed tabs fucntionality!1.png


as you can see in current build there's no such dropdown box

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@royamicus185 thanks for the feedback on this. I suspect this might be a UX issue more than functionality. Have you seen the UI from the ... menu? If you click "..." and then "History", the flyout will show a list of recently closed tabs. Is that what you want? Is it too buried for you to find it?



oh... yes this function migrated too deep into the app menu; it was much easier to access it by right clicking on tab since it's tab-related feature
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@royamicus185 thanks for the specific feedback. I'll open an issue internally for this. This is one of those cases where Chrome users would expect it under "History" but IE/Edge users would expect it on the tab context menu. Seems like there's probably no harm in having it in both places :)