Drive the selected word into searching a specific website by click the tiny icon beside

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搜狗截图20201208201818.pngWell look at this picture when selected one word, a tiny icon appears and when we click the icon we can directly search the selected word in that website! How many such icon depend on users themselves. For me, I need at least Google, Baidu, Taobao, Zhihu, Longman 5 icons. And you can also design where these 5 icon rank, whether it's vertical or horizontal or N×N or in any other position. It's more convenient than you right click menu. And users could also design whether the search web a new open Tab or just new half window beside the word.

Users DIY:

①Which webs to search for this tiny icons refer to;

②Where these tiny icons pose;

③Whether you see the new page in a new open Tab or just new half window beside

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you can use this extension, or find other extensions that do the same thing:

"directly search the selected word in that website"
that would be CTRL + F or from ellipsis (...) menu, search on page.

to search the web for a highlighted text, using the search engine of your preference: edge://settings/search
right-click and select "search the web for..."

to use sidebar, using Bing engine, highlight the text, right-click, "Search in Sidebar for ...."

not everyone wants to see a popup show up everywhere they click or highlight, and right-click (or on touch screen devices, hold with finger) is Not troublesome or hard at all, it's a normal procedure used in all kinds of software and apps.
that's why there are extensions, so anyone that wants to have a feature, can install the extension and use it, without affecting other people's experience.