Drawing and highlighting in PDFs was much better in the old Edge

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Hello to the community,


in my mind the highlighting and drawing tool was much better in the old version of Edge, when you used it for PDF reading. In this context the new edge is realy a step backwards. Especially concerning the following points:


1) You can't adjust the toolbar

2) You can't use the highting tool without marking the text before (if you can use the tool directly it is much faster, especially if you use a pencil)

3) To highlight something, you must mark it and then klick with the right mouse button. In the old version the highlighting tool popped automatically id you marked something. That was very comfortable.

4) The drawing tool was much better in the old edge version. No it reacts very slow and the writing is very spidery.

5) The new Edege can't distinguish between your finger and the pen. That was different in the old edge.


--> So, my conclusion is, that the new Edge is no advantage compared with adobe reader anymore (like it was before). That’s why I'm not going to use it longer if it is not improved.

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Or does somebody have a solution for the problems mentioned? 

Hello! It is likely you haven't gotten a response because you have posted this in the incorrect discussion space.


You've posted your question in the Community Discussion space, which is intended for discussion around the Tech Community website itself, not product questions.


I'm moving your question to the Microsoft Edge Insider Discussion space - please post Edge  questions here in the future.