drag a tab to split-screen is broken

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Have a few tabs open, then click and drag one of them to either side of the screen so that tab detaches into its own window and is split screen. Notice that tab you dragged to either side of the screen is maximized. This is incorrect! Here's a screenshot of what it looks like.edgesplitscreen.png

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@Deleted @MissyQ @Elliot Kirk @HotCakeX Hey everyone This bug is very old please get it fixed before GA I have attached Step Reccording bellow.

This bug is also happening in Google Chrome stable Version 79.0.3945.88 (Official Build) (64-bit)
must be another Chromium bug
Yes it's an old Chromium bug but it might be another case of the Google team not knowing how to fix it, the Edge team should know how to fix this one quickly and easily
Yeah I wish Edge team would have some kind of rule for these kinds of situations. so that when a problem or bug exists in Chromium, they give Google a fixed amount of time, like 1 week, if Google could manage to fix that problem in 1 week then fine, if not, Microsoft should step up and fix that problem only for their own Edge browser.
Especially ones like this, I think this is a Windows-specific bug. Microsoft should fix this one, I don't even know if Google is aware of it
it's also worth mentioning another bug. when you use windows+left/right on any maximised window, it doesn't snap properly. It's a Windows 10 bug that annoys me so much. I hope the edge team can contact the windows team


@pneenkoalabear wrote:
it's also worth mentioning another bug. when you use windows+left/right on any maximised window, it doesn't snap properly. It's a Windows 10 bug that annoys me so much. I hope the edge team can contact the windows team

Could you please record a quick video about this problem? i can't seem to reproduce it, at least not in windows 10 insider fast ring..

I can give you some steps to repro. I'm on Windows 10 1909. I've submitted feedback on the FBH but they obviously do not listen lmao

1) Open calc
2) Maximise calc if not already maximised
3) windows + left/right
4) Drag the window by the titlebar to the left/right edge to snap the window properly and see the difference. Look at the titlebar to see in what way it isn't properly snapped.

I originally thought that this was a Chromium bug but then I noticed it in File Explorer so I tested Calculator too.
I did it, on Windows 10 insider fast ring build 19541, it was normal, really

I'll do a screen recording in a moment
Here you go,
uploaded it on a random upload center, it's a MP4 file recorded via Powerpoint
thanks for the recording! I had no idea you could record videos with Powerpoint!

When you snap a restored window using both methods, it works fine. It's snapping a maximised window that isn't right. Here's my recording :)

sorry. it took me a bit to get to a computer. That little tooltip that says the dimensions of the window is from Sizer by Brianapps. I tested it after exiting Sizer too.
Yeah but file size gets huge, OBS is awesome, your file is less than 1 MB and still better quality than mine

Thanks now I get it, the bug is that the title bar of the app stretches beyond the screen size at top. I have to admit though, I didn't know this shortcut (Win+arrow keys) before. but yeah I'd upvote and add details if there is any feedback you created in feedback hub app
I can't find my feedback on it so I'll just create a new one.


I use that shortcut pretty often for comparing things or dragging and dropping :D



Thanks, but where is the upvote button? maybe feedback hub app bugged or am i missing something?




i hate the feedback hub. it's so bad.
Bumping this because I don't see this one being fixed by Google, Microsoft is probably needed to fix this one because it's a Windows 10 behaviour (split-screen/snap)

@Bdsrev Thanks for your continued interest, but please don't post just to "bump" unless at least a month has gone by with no activity. While not expressly against our code of conduct, the Edge Insiders team have logged these issues diligently, even if they don't have an immediate answer, and I promise you that bumping won't bring it to the top of their radar and that it has not left their radar. 

btw did you guys see the bug HotCakeX and I were discussing? :)

I'm not part of the Edge Insiders team, I'm a community manager for the whole Tech Community, but I'm sure they are monitoring this and all discussions here! 

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@Bdsrev To loop back, here's some info on the split-screen issue, called "Windows Snap:" this seems like it may be related to that Chromium bug, so our devs are continuing to actively track it. (And your feedback actually did help them, so thank you for the original callout!)


We'll let you know if/when there are any further updates on this.


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