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Any news of fixes for the faults that cause loss of log-in data, e.g. when a scheduled task uses S4U or when Hosted app data is set to clear on close? 

1069383 - TokenService fails to load after CryptUnprotectData failure, causing cookies and sync to reset - chromium 

Thread "Starting this morning, Edge does not remember logins to any website" page 1: Missy Quarry's reply on October 12, 2020 (

Are these two related?



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@Noel Burgess Thanks for reaching out. I asked someone from the team to look into this, and they agreed that those do seem related. I don't have any news to share yet about a fix, but I will let you know if I hear otherwise!


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I will let you know if I hear otherwise!

Thanks 🙇‍

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@Noel Burgess These two issues are effectively unrelated.


The DPAPI+S4U Issue ( causes loss of Edge's encryption key that protects cookies and credentials. This issue will require a monthly update to Windows 10 to fix; we do not have a date for that fix to announce.


The Hosted App Data Clear-on-Exit-causes-Cookie-loss issue was a bug in our code. As I understand it, it has already been fixed in Canary.



Thanks! I'll pass the message on.



One new red herring data point: a user posted this at Answers, referring to 'missing log-in' sufferers:

I am wondering how many of these folks are using System Mechanic Ultimate Defense from Iolo.  I am, but with Private Guardian, which is new, it deletes saved passwords from my pc.  Turned off and passwords are not deleted.