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When I tried downloading the Logictech Gaming Software from, the site told me it had automatically detected my OS version.  I completed the download, but it would not install stating this version was not compatible with my operating system.


I then used Firefox to access the same site.  This time the software chosen by the site was different.  Before it had been a 32-bit program.  This time with was a 64-bit program.  Plus, this time the installation worked.

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Peculiar, that would mean there was an error in the browser identification () in Edge and not in Firefox.


I'm curious about the software thing, mostly because I also use logitech products and in fact just yesterday installed Options, which I downloaded via Edge, and everything worked just fine.  Plus as far as know Logi software is either pure 32 bit (like the unifying) or dual (like Options).


Maybe the first download got somehow corrupted?


Maybe the problem was on Logitech site?


On a final thought, Firefox omits CPU architecture from user agent info. And Edge does not, I just tested it and in fact Edge throws pretty much every id in the book.




Is the software called Logitech G Hub, that Edge Beta downloaded the wrong version of?


I have not been able to reproduce this issue yet.


This is the page that shows up and the link I was redirected to. (



I just tried it myself and get the same file from Edge and Firefox.


Weird one time fluke error?

The last part doesn't sound so good... :\
I'd rather my browser not give unnecessary info to websites.

@V-FRROME No, the software is called Logitech Gaming Software.  I have attached a screenshot of the file description.  Note that this is a 32-bit program.  When I used Firefox, it was described as a 64-bit program. That part was reproducible by me since this screenshot was taken hours after the earlier attempt.

@gregmar  @V-FRROME I just tried to download Logitech G Hub.  There only seems to be one version of this program. I get the same description whether I use Firefox or Edge beta.  Also, the description does not mention 32-bit or 64-bit.

@HotCakeXThen you most def are using the wrong browser. Try Firefox, turn on every tracking protection they offer, install ublock origin and select all the tracking lists.

@gregmarFor some reason can't reproduce what happened to you. Also most of this sounds like shody website coding not so much a problema por Edfe dev

Well I use TOR and I can set Chrome or Edge insider chromium to use that TOR connection via an extension.

I've also installed ublock origins on all of my browsers.
the reason why I don't use Firefox is because I wanna help Microsoft make this browser better

@HotCakeXAnd I'm sure they like the sentiment, but boy does Edge Chromium leak data like no one else does. Right now I'm too sleepy to remember the name of the dude that made a report on all the telemetry and data that Chromedge sends to the world. It's hilariously terrifying, or at least I thought so.