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Hello, guys !! It would be great if we put a download Icon like firefox in our edge, because sometimes we are just working making some downloads and every time that we start one download a pop up footer shows up and we are forced to go there and click the X bottom to close it, or that footer window will be there forever in our screen ... At least to add an option to user to decide what to use ... In firefox an Icon with a down arrow " ⬇ " make the deal, if user decide to see the download is just to click on the arrow to open the settings : click in the name to open (execute) or in the folder to open the folder , and the Icon get shining while has download working ... With this options optimize time, because user has just to look to the arrow to see if download is finished or is downloading and just click there to clear or open file or folder .... That is a great thing to let users happy in our new Edge ... I tried to find out some settings but I can't if has a way tell me :)


Ps.: Sorry about possibles "mistakes/errors" in my writing, I'm from Brazil hoping that the new Edge to be the best browser and intuitive of all ... I've always has used it and my friends are having great expect about it :)) 

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@TomazON, I like that idea and would liek to see it as well.

I wouldn't like it. that area is TOO CROWDED. using Edge Canary, we have the new favorites button there, we have the new Global Media Controls there, we have extension icons there and soon the collections button. i personally don't feel the need to go to the downloads page that often. if a file is downloaded then the download section appears at the bottom of the page with ENOUGH options to deal with it, it's NOT needed to have a fixed button for downloads.

@HotCakeXlike you said : " if a file is downloaded then the download section appears at the bottom of the page with ENOUGH options to deal with it", is true, but maybe user is reading a blog , or facebook, and downloading a songs collections and this way the user has every time to close the bottom of this "footer window" that appears all time that one single download get started or lose a good peace of screen letting it there … And this is annoying when you trying to read some article that all time a windows need to be closed because other task that you are doing opens a don't needed window in your page …. But like I propose, is easy to put there a choice in settings to user to decide how he/she does like to use, everything is about to be easier and practical to the user, and make him/her has less tasks possible to feel comfortable  … This is not to be a copycat from firefox, firefox is a great browser, renewed and totally customized … And I want our New Edge browser to be the best browser to all around needed, practical, easier, customized (to attend different tastes, because users is so) to surf and to development I want this Edge flying high and I want it to be the best one of all … In Android and iOS people are loving it … I am using with my Xiaomi Smartphone and it is great with Dark Mode, good synchronization , sorry if I did not express what I mean , I just want Edge to be the best, and one simple thing like this , can be a great thing :) I am enjoying the MS in the android too, today I can go with OneDrive , outlook, edge, and the things is working :) Microsoft is changing a lot, after .NET Core … And I'm very happy about this, I love .NET and C# it was my first learning and it is my trust language … I want to see Edge shinnying around :))


ps.: again sorry for some grammatical mistakes 

Obviously they can't make a UI to keep everyone happy.

if you download multiple files they will be added next to each other at the bottom, you don't have to close and open that download section repetitively.

if a user is reading an article then why the hell he/she needs to download music and be distracted? lol And even if he/she decided to do that, then the music file will just appear at the bottom and it takes only 1 click to play that song, nothing complicated or hard.
@HotCakeX, please try to understand that we are all different. TomazON has an absolutely valid use case, and asking him why he's not like you does not really solve the problem.

I already said that they can't make all of us happy, that means i understand there are obviously different opinions. 
he has a valid case, i have a valid case. so what now?
by the way there is no "problem" to solve in the first place.

Maybe it'll be the best if Microsoft shipped the same UI from the EdgeHTML to the Edge Chromium. they worked a lot on it and nearly perfected it, many people love it too.

@HotCakeX " file will just appear at the bottom " Sometimes users prefer do not see this window opened in the bottom. " Many times user do not want to be bothered with windows being opened like me ... This is not a problem, But even so, many people used to work in firefox because edge had its limits meanly about extensions, and do not have no windows bothering every time when a download get started has no price, is ease and perfect ... Only to look on the icon u know if u can download another one just using windows shortcuts , keep working, studying with no interruptions , with no windows showing up (and depending of the scenario this way can even reduce some task, because like or not, is a window being calling to the frontend making a request, when this request could be called only when it is needed ... I understand that to u this is worthless but u have to understand that for many other users it is great ... If Edge Developers to decide do not do it I have no problem ... I always imagined Edge reaching what it is reaching today, like I am enjoying .NET reaching what it is reaching today ... Then I think I have the right to ask something to Edge Developers that I think users will like ... If developers do , very great, if do not , I have to understand, here is a place to give insights and ideas ... Edge is being built on the Chromium open-source project, and now is time to users help testing and asking what they want ... I don't understand what r u crazy about this ... It'd be enough only do not upvote/like and move on ... And I think that Developers is building Edge from scratch and it is very appreciable, because has chance to make better what already was great ... I am a user, like I said before, I want to see our New Edge flying high, being the best of all, and I guess my point was good and understandable enough and good interest ... Let's help Edge settle its wings , let's go ? 

@Deleted  that is good Ryan, I believe they're doing, but I don't know, I'm trying to help but I am very busy but I want to be present with the edge because I always like it since first day we met :) , if they're building from the scratch, I believe they can use the same algorithm and still to improve it to be better, the Edge UI is great and like u said they worked hard on it and they did an excellent work ... Now is the best chance we ever had to look in all small details, the work is very hard and to improve things is not easy, the developers and team deserve our care and respect with them ... And we need to continue testing in default to help them understand what is wrong and make things even better ... U said a very good reply thanks Ryan see u around :)) 

By "user" and "many users" you mean only you, right? cause your post is very opinion based and it gives the impression that you're talking on behalf of everyone.

"But even so, many people used to work in firefox.."
A lot more than those people are used to work with Google Chrome, since it's the Number 1 browser in the world and its UI is the same as the new Edge's.

No i don't think it's useless, I think it's redundant. moving something from bottom to top doesn't have any of those benefits you think.
the way you explain it is like Firefox UI helps with confidence, studies, better life style etc and yet majority of people use Google Chrome.

@HotCakeX The new Edge needs a way to choose which buttons are in the toolbar. Classic Edge has this (Main menu-->Show in Toolbar menu). There is an option for a downloads button, which users can show or not show, along with other buttons. Msft should bring that same menu option over to the new Edge.

@JordanQ, I agree with you, it should have the same option as Classic Edge of showing in toolbar for those who want it to check it.

@JordanQ Hello Jordan, that is true ... I was playing around with that button yesterday and it works great, MS can improve it anymore if they want to, but I hope they bring that button to us again in this Edge Build :) 

@Jeffrey Allen I think this download Button is very helpful, like the classic, user can decide if he/she want to use or not ... Thanks by your feedback ... I guess Devs will gives us this in their time ... :))

@JordanQ@TomazON@Jeffrey Allen @HotCakeX @Deleted, Thank you for your frank discussion.  We are trying to get the right set of features, and especially the right set of defaults.  I will bring all of this feedback to the team that owns the downloads experience.  Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk, thanks for your reply and grateful you will bring this feedback to the team that is handling the download experience.

Hey thanks mate cheers!