Download and Download Manager UI in Microsoft Edge

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I believe, it is important to talk about look and feel of download and download manager in Microsoft Edge. In new version of Microsoft Edge, it is same as Google Chrome, so when you download a file it shows in button right corner of screen and when you add more download, they will stack and by looking into download manager, you will see list of downloads.


In legacy version of Microsoft Edge, when you click download, it shows bar showing total downloads and total time to finish downloads. I believe there is need for new look in download file and download manager different with Chrome. For example, I really miss SmartScreen icon on trusted downloads in Download Manager and I also like to see total time for entire download and it could be menu bar where user could hide or bring it up and it would be nice to show downloads different way than stack in front of each other.


I open up this discussion, to ask how could make Microsoft Edge download and download manager better? Any idea to improve UI and how we will using it? I believe it is interesting topic for discussion.

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I would like, if download manager opens in flyout just like extensions and in legacy edge, instead of opening a new tab for download manager.
Thank you for sharing, the posted topic is mostly regarding to download options.
My discussion is mainly about UI and UX.
You're welcome!