Double click a pinned a Favorite

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when i double click in a pinned Favorite it open 2 times, one in the current tab and the other in a new tab, it will be better to remove the one in current tab

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Hi @MarsMas, I am not exactly sure what you mean by a pinned favorite. Are you pinning a tab using the right click on the tab? Are you pinning a site to the taskbar using the More menu (...) -> More Tools -> Pin to Taskbar? Are you talking about clicking on a favorite on the favorites bar?  Please let me know which scenario you are having difficulty with and which channel you are using.




@Elliot Kirk Hi, it is about Edge Dev. when i pin my "Manage Favorites"  ( Menu/favorites/manage favorites ) then i double click any of my favorites there 


@Elliot Kirk this issue still exist in latest Dev Edge and Canary, here is the what is happening :-

pinning "Manage Favorites" ( Menu/favorites/manage favorites ) then double click any of the favorites there it will open 2 times, one in the current (Pinned) tab and the other in a new tab




I don't know if this reply is too late but to open favourits a single click is suffice. If you double click that will mean two clicks and one will open in current tab and other in a new tab. If you want to open only in a new tab please press Ctrl + left mouse click. If you want favourite to open in a new window press  Shift + left click. You can do any of above also using right mouse click and choosing relative option. I guess you have already configured above by now.


@WindowsUser It is ok now, i have got many ways to do that