[Done] Add a "Search by voice" option in the new tab page


There needs to be an option in the new tab page in Edge to initiate a web search using voice and picture (reverse image search), instead of having to go to the Bing and then click on the microphone icon, Or going to Bing images and doing the reverse search.

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Hi fatso,

Thanks very much indeed, just wondering if you can clarify, so when I click on new tab, how do I get it to then go to the MSN page you refer to? Please excuse my techno-ignorance :grinning_face:

You can use something like "Custom New Tab" Extension and then you can make any web page your new tab.



That's what I am going to do since the "Search by Voice" was removed from the default new tab page.


So you can use any page that has a search by voice like google.com for example.


Also am I the only one here who thinks it's ridiculous that you have to install an extension just so you are able to change the new tab page? I mean really Microsoft????????? :( lol