Does Microsoft Launcher supports Android 10 Gestures?

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Hi there,

Does Microsoft Launcher supports Android 10 gestures?

I recently got the upgrade to Android 10 (OneUI Core v2) on my Samsung Galaxy M30S & discover that the gestures work only while the stock OneUI Home is set as the default Home app. Upon setting ML as default, the Gesture system revert back to the 3 button system.

Does the team plans to support the new Gestures? They neither work in the public ML version, nor the new ML Preview.


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Thank you for the update on this! :thumbs_up:
Microsoft Launcher Preview updated with Android 10 gesture support :)

Thanks for the update @HotCakeX . I have already updated to this build, but cannot enable the Android 10 gestures in my settings. :(

Maybe it's a rollout in waves?

 @Ann_Yao_680 can you please provide an insight into this?

@Rohit Yadav  I also have a Samsung phone and cannot use gestures, but for now it's entirely Samsung's fault. Apparently Samsung is blocking support for 3rd-party launchers with gestures until it releases One UI 2.5, see 

@Nukmicah can't say on this. One of my friend has S10, and he has the gestures working on it since OneUI v2.0...

Ask your friend how he did it, and please let us know!

I have an S10e with One UI 2.0, and can only use gestures with the stock Samsung launcher, not with any third-party launchers. Exactly like the news article says.

There are apparently workarounds, although I've never tried them. Maybe your friend did one of these? One option I've seen is running some programming commands with adb to remove the lock Samsung put/left in it. Another option is apparently installing an app called "Good Lock". Another option is apparently installing the app "One Hand Operation+" app.

First of all, my friend is running Note 10, apologies. :p And he got the Gesture support even on OneUI Core v2.0 without any trick. He says he just installed the update of ML Preview and could enable the gestures on his phone.

Here is a screenshot from his Note 10. he got the update to 2.1 yesterday.


There's definitely no support on OneUI 2.0, which is the latest update available for me. Maybe it was added in 2.1? I can't find any news sources saying that's correct, but I don't find anyone denying it either. Or maybe your friend is referring to Samsung's full-screen gesture navigation, which was available before Android 10 even added support? By default Samsung's gestures just replace the buttons with a swipe up where the buttons used to be. That's completely different from how native Android 10 gestures are supposed to work.

Your friend should send a screenshot of his navbar screen, and if "More Options" is greyed out on his phone like on my phone, then he's just getting Samsung's gestures and not Android 10 gestures. The Samsung gestures are fine and functional imo.

@Nukmicah Nope. He has the Android 10 gestures working through ML Preview on his phone.

What you shared in the screenshot is exactly what is shown in my phone also. At first I asked him, but his gestures are working with ML Preview in OneUI v2.0, as well as 2.1 which he got as an update yesterday.

Check the screenshot of his Navigation bar settings:


Yes,same problem also Nokia 7.2..