Does edge have its own speech recognition system?

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Speech recognition is vital important for a browser. For instant, in a speech bilingual sub or in dictating etc. How many speech recognition program does MS have. And why not adopt one?

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Define "speech system"


Edge uses Azure Cognitive services for natural speech


for dictation, Windows 10 has built in dictation

Use dictation to talk instead of type on your PC



@HotCakeX Dictation is speech synthesis. I mean speech recognition which can be used to sub the speech of video played on edge

from which source? is there any clear example of other browsers doing this?
YouTube for example, the most popular one, has their own system of language detection and subtitle translation. but of course Azure cognitive services are more than capable to do that, just people need to submit their audio to Azure and then receive the text subtitles to add to their videos, on whatever platform that supports subtitle. it's not all up to Edge.