Do we still need a Hub for Favorites/Downloads/Collections/History?


The last piece of puzzle is now in place, all 4 elements now appear in the Edge toolbar with modern style.

do you think we still need something like Edge legacy hub to have these 4 items under a single button or do you think that they are already good and a hub is not needed?


I personally think that hub is no longer needed.





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in my case i think it's better to (by default only), show it in the toolbar (with hub removed), and in appearance settings, add a switch to show it again in the hub (for those who disable them from the toolbar)
@HotCakeX Well, we need the hubs because they are faster to access than typing "edge://downloads" or clicking the Download button in the ... ellipsis.
everything accessible in "edge://downloads" can be accessible in the new downloads sidebar too.

I think keeping them separate makes sense, but then having four buttons for each on the toolbar is bit space consuming? What do you think?

a hub could introduce more clicks (reading comments on the forum, people want to have to click less often rather than more), and for the space, Edge could have the extension flyout that exists in Chrome and use it to put all the extension in that menu to save space and keep things organized.


1. I think it makes sense to have a sidebar hub for all this features. (See my post here:

2. I think one big problem is that Edge doesn't remember the pinned sidebar on relaunch and this is an very important feature of a sidebar, I think. An additional Edge should remember the pinned state too when switching between collections and favorites. (See my post here: [FR] Behavior when switching back to favorites sidebar > Pop-up should remember pinned state - Micro...)


For me I think having a Hub is best, but it also needs to be permanently pinable. Currently the pinned flyouts only stay pinned during a session. A re-start of the browser and they are no longer pinned.

If you can have the Hub pinned, and icons for each tool visible, then switching between each is 1 click.

Yeah I mentioned that lots of times to developers, one of them said that they are intentionally Not remembering the Pinned state to see if they should change it or leave it be like this, by seeing how many people Pin the flyout to to turn it into the sidebar.


Yes it's very annoying the pinned state is not remembered, please everyone just send feedback from Edge feedback button and ask them to make the pinned states of favorites/downloads/history/collections, Remembered.


I've sent it multiple times but one voice is not enough