Do we know what the flag "#edge-experimental-tracking-prevention-features" does


In the latest Canary 80.0.335.0 there's a new flag edge://flags/#edge-experimental-tracking-prevention-features. Does anyone happen to known what feature does?


I've always used "Strict" Tracking Prevention and have the new flag enabled. To date, I've not had a broken website. Highly recommend if you don't want to be followed all around the internet and back. (Use at your own risk)



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I think it has something to do with the internal behavior of the tracking prevention. or maybe it doesn't do anything at the moment and in the future it will activate new options.
strict option does block website logins for me. but when I use ublock origin, none of that happens.

@HotCakeX Too funny! I'm also a uBO user and have never run "Strict" sans uBO. I use dynamic filters, and surprisingly the "Strict" setting still blocks many sites.


Appreciate your work in the Community to help all of us! Cheers

I think between tracking prevention and ublock origin (when they are both on), the former takes priority that's probably why.