Distinguish between Edge running on a physical Windows 10 device an Windows Virtual Desktop (Azure)

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hello community,


Is there a way to distinguish an Edge browser running on a physical Windows 10 device from a Windows Virtual Desktop or virtual Windows 10 instance on Azure?

Both are Windows 10, so OS wise they are similar.

On a virtual desktop you need care about the visual affects you display in your web page. Because every pixel that gets changed has to be transmitted over the wire. So the idea is to reduce the amount and frequency of animations/moving parts on internally hosted web page when a virtual desktop browser (e.g. Edge) is detected.

Back then for IE11/12 we used to extend the User Agent String and added a string called "remotedesktop". This is pretty easy to detect using plain JavaScript. It would be great to have the same for Edge.

Any idea / suggestion is appreciated. Even a custom extension which presences you can check using html5/javascript is accepted...


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So far i have not found any enterprise-grade option to set a flag that can be read from a webpage :( seems to be a step back compared to good old ie11...