Disgusting's Issue

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When is Browse or open a website, as first this website mark with blue colour.  This is Disgusting's Issue  for me. How can i solve this issue? See the picture for clear the issue...

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Hello Hossain,
so when you go to any website, the focus automatically goes to the address bar highlighting the website URL? or does it only happen on YouTube?

also could you mention which Edge channel you are using? Thanks
Its happen any website.
I am using DEV channel.

@Hossain_Shahriar Thanks for reaching out, we're sorry to hear that you're encountering an issue with the URL being highlighted in blue. If you haven't yet, can you please submit detailed feedback -- in any language -- and diagnostic data through the browser? (Alt + Shift +I  on a PC.) It really helps our devs uncover the issue. And are you seeing the same behavior on any of the other versions of Microsoft Edge?


Fawkes (they/them)
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@Deleted OK Boss.
And i have a suggestion , Please bring built in VPN.
Why built in VPN? I just wanna know the reasons.
there are literally hundreds of VPN extensions for Chromium based browser, why built in?

whenever big companies like Microsoft, Mozilla Firefox, Kaspersky make built in VPN into their products, they always come with a price, they won't be free.

but there are lots of free VPN extensions out there.
I'm not sure what's your use case for VPN but if you are looking for more privacy and security, you need to use TOR.